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If you are pregnant

The body changes in many ways during pregnancy. The posture changes because the bust grows, the position of the pelvis changes and the movement pattern can be affected. All of this can lead to pain.


The different muscle fibers in your body change due to your hormones and the tissue loosens up to prepare for birth. For some, this means that you suddenly become free of pain and the body feels great, while for others it can mean that you become elastic in the tissue and that leads to pain. One pregnancy is not the same as another.

The tissue becomes more sensitive when the body bursts with different hormones, for example you can bruise more easily. Therefore, pregnancy massage is a slightly softer massage, where we work over a longer period of time without going too hard so that the tissue has time to soften at the right pace. Everything to make you feel as good as possible throughout your pregnancy.


Pilates training when you are pregnant, is up to everyone to decide for themselves according to their own capacity and ambition. However, the exercise will relieve the joints by strengthening all the muscles. Exercising early in pregnancy will help you recover faster after delivery, than if you didn't exercise at all. Stretching can help you while you are pregnant, as your posture can change.


We do not offer specific Pilates classes for pregnant individuals. You are welcome to participate in our classes as long as you feel safe and have the stamina. Feel free to consult us if you are in doubt or have any questions.

For those who do not want to participate in the classes, you are welcome to try personal training where we can adapt the session to you and your conditions 

(Read more about PT).

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