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Personal Training 

We tailor your sessions to your needs

A personal trainer inspires you and makes training fun

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Train with a PT

Personal training is customized to fit each individual’s needs and preconditions. No matter if you are a beginner, casual exerciser, or elite athlete, the exercises will be tailored to suit your level and your preferences.

Your personal trainer is a professional training partner who helps you reach your goals while teaching you about exercising along the way. Your exercise will be more efficient and more motivating. You run less risk of injuries as you are guided to do the exercises correctly. Having a PT is also a great way to get more out of and spice up your training regimen. Training with a PT means seeing faster results compared to training on your own. It can also give you extra motivation on days where you need it.

If you have more questions about personal training, please get in touch!

- Our PT Services -


PT Single

Train alone with a Pilates instructor. All focus is on you.

30, 45 or 55 minutes


PT Duo

A Pilates instructor trains you along with a friend or other training partner. You share the time and cost.

30, 45 or 55 minuter

Please contact us for booking

Duo-training with a PT.


PT Group

A small group of 3-6 persons training together with a Pilates instructor. You share the time and cost.

55 minutes

Please contact us for booking

Group-training with a PT.

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