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Rehab- & Prehab

"Movement heals" - Joseph Pilates

Rehab & Prehab

Pilates is a method that suits most people, regardless of fitness background or current physical condition. With the right instructions and guidance, Pilates can improve your health and your fitness level, regardless of your starting point.


Pilates exercises are very beneficial if you have problems with your body, regardless of whether your issues are due to illness, sports-, repetitive strain-, or work injury. Regardless of the cause of your problems, we can help lessen or even cure your ailments completely.​


Pilates focuses on strength, mobility, balance and stretch through functional training, with or without equipment. Pilates, and other work outs, Pilates, and other exercise, helps prevent illness. Medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and arthritis are positively impacted by exercise and can in some cases even return to normal levels.

We will adjust the exercises to your capacity and towards what you need, to take the training to your level of ambitions. In most cases the best results are achieved through personal training (Read more about PT here).


Contact us for more information on how we can help you become pain free.

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