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Svensk klassisk massage

Medical Massage Therapy

Our therapists are all trained medical massage therapist We primarily offer treatment-based massages, meaning that we help address different types of physical problems such as mobility-related issues and problems with pain and aches. Our massage therapists will work with the body's soft tissues.

Our massage therapists are educated in pathology, physiology, biomechanics, anatom and sports physiology.


In addition to massage and stretching, our therapists master one or more manual methods, such as cupping

or trigger point treatment.


We also offer relaxation massages and pregnancy massages.

Benefits of Massage

  • Makes tense muscles soft and elastic

  • Increases blood flow in the muscles

  • Increases lymphatic circulation

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Relaxes the body

  • Gives deeper, calmer breathing

  • Positively affects the body’s internal organs

  • Increases your awareness of your own body

  • Helps prevent scarring after sports-related muscle tears

  • Helps lessen soreness from exercise and sports-related muscle strain

  • Combats pain-related tension

  • Reduces stress

  • Has a calming effect on the nervous system

  • Increases concentration

  • Improves the body’s general comfort and wellbeing

 - Medical Massage Therapy -
 - The Lotorp Method -

The Lotorps method is a form of treatment that targets the respiratory muscles. It consists of both treatment of muscles and home exercises that teach the patient to breathe correctly.


The method is used to treat people with respiratory illnesses such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis, or remaining symptoms after COVID-19. The treatment is also helpful for people with burnout-syndrome, cough, fragrance- and perfume allergy, asthma-like symptoms or

long-term stress. The therapist treats muscles used when breathing; muscles in the chest, back, around the ribs, neck and stomach. These muscles are active during both inhalation and exhalation. In cases of stress or prolonged coughing, for example, these muscles are affected and become stiff or spasm. When the chest becomes stiff it makes breathing properly difficult and the breathing becomes shallow. When this has occurred, we can help the body to heal by softening the muscle tissue again, mobilizing the ribs and thus helping the body to be able to breathe more easily again.


Read more here:

If you have any questions about The Lotorps Method, please contact us!


The Lotorps Method, breathing exercises and Covid-19

After being ill with Covid-19, many patients experience long-term problems with stiffness in the chest, difficulty with deep breathing or pain in the back and neck. After difficulties with breathing properly, long-term coughing and lying down on the couch/bed, Covid-19 can also lead to remaining problems on the respiratory muscles even after recovery.


If you experience remaining respiratory problems after you have recovered from Covid-19, we recommend a Lotorps treatment.


Pilates and breathing exercises can also help you. Pilates is an excellent method to increase mobility again in a stiff post-covid body. We help you practice breathing normally again, but also using breathing to stretch stiff muscles, as this is a helpful rehabilitation.


Contact us to book Pilates PT to help you with the respiratory muscles and breathing patterns.

 - Cupping Therapy -

Cupping is an old traditional healing art that treats muscles and connective tissue in depth. With the help of suction cups and vacuum, a negative pressure is created. The cup is moved over the tissue, which effectively increases blood circulation and removes waste products in the connective tissue. You can put cups on muscle knots or help to lift a tight connective tissue for an example, the areas of use are many. Cupping can be used on the whole body except groin, neck or armpits.

Cupping is good for you who can manage a regular massage, but not as optimal for you who are on blood thinners or have a bleeding disorder.


The method is used in several different parts of the world and is part of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of, among other things, stiff shoulders, swollen legs and pain.

If you have any questions about cupping therapy, please contact us!

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