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- Office Massage -

Office Massage

A massage therapist are coming to your workplace

- you provide the room, we take care of the rest!


Sedentary work in an office can, just like heavy physical labour, lead to aches, pains and future strain injuries. Massage is a way to counteract pain caused by short and tense muscles. By offering massages at work, you make it easy and time-saving for the employee to receive massages regularly and thus prevent problems from arising. This leads to healthier and happier employees!


Deductible and tax-free benefit

Massage in the office is a tax-deductible and tax-free benefit and, according to surveys, one of the most requested benefits among employees.


Included in the price

- Quality assured and certified medical massage therapist will come to your workplace -

- Payment options with credit/debit card, Swish, invoice or ePassi -

- We provide the massage bench and other necessary material


The Massage treatment

Our massage therapist works with individual treatments according to the current need of the patient. With the help of different techniques muscle tension, muscle shortening and muscle knot are treated.

We also want to provide increased knowledge among your staff and therefore our massage therapist explains the treatment and gives advice. If necessary, home exercises are given that the employee can work with between treatments. This is to prevent problems from occurring or recurring.


The good effects of the massage

Muscle Improvement:

Massage increases the capacity for oxygen absorption in the muscles and makes them more elastic and flexible.


Improvement of nervous system:

Massage has a calming effect on the nervous system, for example it improves body temperature, fluid balance, and blood circulation which leads to increased concentration.


Better Health:

Massage strengthens the immune system, improves breathing and has

a positive effect on the internal organs.


Lower stress levels:

Massage causes the release of calming hormones and counteracts stress hormones in the body. This has a relaxing effect on the body.



Fit to the Core also offers preventive health care in the form of cupping therapy, dry needling and the Lotorps method at your workplace.

Contact us with further questions or to get a quotation.

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